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    Mac-Specific Sound Feature Issue???


      I have a specific problem regarding the protective url "feature." I've created a PDF of my master's thesis and it has embedded video (.flv) and audio (.mp3). One of my .mp3 sections requires that one play audio and read text down a series of pages (that the audio continues while the text moves down the page). I've created the PDF and downloaded (from myself) two separate copies on 2 windows PCs, one Vista, one Windows 7 (both 64bit) --On both of my computers I have the option to enable the content in the PDF-- They play without issue. However, when my thesis professors attempt to open the same file on their Mac Apple computers this option is not available. On three macs, two newer computers running on MacOS 10.6.4, with Reader 9.3.4. Pro, and on an older mac, the audio file previously mentioned loses it's down-the-page playability. I've tried adobe support for (no kidding) days, and burned away my cell battery about 10 times.

      Bottom line: I need cross-platform performance from my PDF


      Is there a more trusted format for sound that wouldn't kick on the security check which seems to disable my sound?


      Are there Legacy formatting options that I need to enable (while in the embedding process)?


      Is there some plugin that my professors need to download?


      I'm actually losing my mind with calling support and explaining my entire situation for entire days. If anyone could help me... Needless to say, I'd be VERY greatful.


      BTW, I used Adobe Acrobat 9 PRO Version 9.0.0. to make the PDF. I know that the file I've inbedded is not corrupt as well--My profs can open the standalone file.