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    My document class doesn`t work ?


      hi.. a rookie flexboy  needs some guiance please :: , i created my document class,  here is :

      My document class
      package {
          import flash.display.Sprite;
          import flash.events.Event;
          import org.papervision3d.materials.WireframeMaterial;
          import org.papervision3d.objects.DisplayObject3D;
          import org.papervision3d.objects.primitives.Sphere;
          import org.papervision3d.view.BasicView;
          [SWF (width="400", height="300", backgroundColor="0x000000")]   
          public class Main extends BasicView
              public var primitive : DisplayObject3D;
              public function Main()
                  primitive = new Sphere();
                  camera.fov = 30;

      and here is the consola out as debug:

      INFO: Papervision3D 2.0.0 (March 12th, 2009)

      INFO: Viewport autoScaleToStage : Papervision has changed the Stage scale mode.
      [SWF] Main.swf - 339,652 bytes after decompression


      but it doesn`t show me a  windows scene whith the sphere.

      and i there is a main.swf inside debug folder i clicked and  my sphere show up::

      can you tell me what is the basic set up to use a   document-clas.as  ready to get air ?