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    Premiere Elements 4 - Modifying Presets


      I've googled and I can't find any answers. I'm not sure if there are any out there, but it seems that here would be the place to find them.


      Premiere Elements 4 seems to "lock" the presets- you can edit and create new presets but very basic options that are very important, at least to me, are greyed out and cannot be changed. This includes framerate, resolution, and aspect ration, among others. Is there any way to change these?


      I was able to create a square pixel 640x480 preset by editing the preset file. Although I maintain that I shouldn't have to do this, it works. However, the framerate value isn't something straightforward- it's a six-digit number I believe. I tried changing this, and actually decreased the framerate. Anyone know what I should put in for 30FPS?

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          Other than hacking the Presets file, there is no other way to modify the Presets. PrPro has a Desktop Preset, where most attributes can be adjusted, as is needed. Through PrE 8, no such customizable Preset exists. Will PrE 9 add that? We should know in a month, or so, if history holds.


          Your method is the only one - for now.


          Good luck,