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    Animation bug, what could be causing this?




      I have this character I have been animating for work.  It's all animated with classic tweens.  The character has a dozen or so different animations on one timeline.  Recently I've gone back to add new animations to the rig.  After I did the new anims, I opened the file again and all the older animations were popping really bad.  Not the ones I had just done, but the older ones.


      It turned out that the pivot points were getting moved somehow between keyframes, so the keyframe positions and rotations were fine, but the symbols' pivot point would be different causing the animation to pop as I scrubbed between keyframes.


      This was a widespread problem across many of the characters body parts and in all the old animations.  I didn't think it could have been just some slip of the hand while I was working since it was so rampant.


      I had no idea what caused this but I went through all the anims and fixed every key frame so it looked right again.  I went on working in the file again thinking everything was fixed.  But after working in it some more I opened the file again later and the old anims were broken again.  They seem to get messed up even more the more I work in the file.


      A couple of extra bits of info that might help.  The file started as a CS4 file and then I upgraded to CS5.  Also I'm not using any easing on the frames either.


      I am at a total loss as to what could be causing this.  Does any one have any insight?


      Thank you