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    Capable video play module issue


      I am looking for some guidance in tuning up my PC in order run CS 5 in Windows 7 64 bit.  All of the apps in CS 5 run fine with the exception of Premiere which starts to launch and then I get the error message about the app not able to find a "capable video play module". 


      I spoke with Adobe Support several times and they tell me it's a graphics card issue.  I installed a ATI Fire GL 7750 card yesterday, loaded the driver from the CD, upgraded the driver from the website and still don't have a functioning application.  Is there a link to any fix for this?  I have seen plenty of "educated guesses" as to what the problem might be, but no definites.


      I plan on uninstalling CS 5 this evening and doing a clean reinstall, to see if Premiere will automatically recognize the ATI card.  Any advice would be appreciated.