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    Adobe Flash 10.1 Not working on Facebook


      I recently downloaded Adobe Flash 10.1 on my XP for Firefox to play games on Facebook and a site called Gaiaonline.

      Most Flash works but not all movies/steams and games.

      I saw where someone mentioned needing ActiveX Control...Flash10i.ocx I do not see that on my add ons and was wondering where I can find it/download it.

      Or if I need something else for the games and movies to properly work.

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          eidnolb onlyone Level 5

          Hi, The ActiveX Control is most likely the Shockwave Flash Object that is Installed for Internet Explorer only.


          Firefox and other non-IE browsers use the plugin, the SWF. You should have that in your plugins and it must be Enabled.


          You can test here:  http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/


          Test with IE(if you have Flash Player Installed) and test using FF. Can you see the animation and it will also tell you what version of Flash Player you have Installed.







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            bsps45 Level 1

            I see the animation. I see animations on some sites but the animations do not fully load on parts. The problem seems to mainly effect the interactive games and movies that are flash based.

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              eidnolb onlyone Level 5

              Hi, thanks. It is not clear yet what you are seeing and with which browser.


              On the Adobe Test site, when using Firefox, did you see that animation there and what version of Flash Player did it say that you had Installed?


              Did you test with IE and what were the results?


              Do you have Flash Player Installed in IE?


              I know you are having problems on the websites and the games, but I am trying to determine by the Adobe Test site, what your problems may be.



              Let me know.





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                bsps45 Level 1

                I don't use IE at all, so I did not test on IE.

                On FireFox the page shows the animation and the box says:

                You have version 10,1,82,76 installed.

                I use
                Firefox 3.6.8

                And I am on a Windows XP.

                The following is a picture example of how one of the games does not load fully.


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                  eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                  Hi, ok. If you used FF at the test site and you could see the animation and as you say you have version, then you have Flash Player Installed correctly.


                  The screenshot you provided may be due to the game itself or it may be to the hardware acceleration that is turned on by default in FP 10.1. Go to youtube and bring up any video and Right click on it. Click on Settings and you should then see Display Settings. Here you will UNcheck the hardware acceleration.


                  See if that is an improvement.





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                    bsps45 Level 1

                    I unchecked it but Youtube was working fine to begin with.

                    The problem only seems to be facebook games and gaiaonline.com games.

                    Here is another screenshot.

                    Inside it should look like a fishtank but it never fully loads.


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                      I'm also running on Firefox and having problems - mostly crashes - I have version installed and when I try to update it to I can not.  It just keeps showing the close download manager page.  What do I have to do to get

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                        eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                        Hi bsps45, thanks. I just had you go to youtube because it loads fast and you can turn off the h.a. there, that's all; not to check if youtube was working:-)


                        Ok, let's just review for a minute. You don't have any problem with Flash Player and you can view youtube videos, and all other Flash content with no problem. You only have a problem on Facebook and with "some" games, but not all. Is that correct?


                        If so, then are you using adblock? If so Disable it.


                        Remember that Flash Player is a browser plugin. Any add ons, plugins or extensions you have Installed in Firefox either helps or hinders. Take a look. Do you have a get_atlcom Class, a getplus or a DLM Control anywhere Installed ?


                        Now in addition to that, some Anti-Virus adds items into the browser also.


                        It could be the games themselves. Check the system requirements for those games. You may want to contact either Facebook or the game itself.


                        Let me know.





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                          I also have Firefox and use the Adobe flash player on Facebook to play my games and have issues with slow loading time and frequent crashes. I can't play the games correctly because of this and it causes me a lot of frustration. Someone told me there was a patch you can download to fix this and make the games load faster. Is this true? I looked online but didn't find any information about it. I am seriously getting angry over this whole thing and want some solutions. Adobe should not crash as much as it does. I understand that it is a free service and I appreciate that since my funds have been limited as of late, but a durable and reliable product would be nice.


                          Also, how does unchecking the accelerated hardware help? Wouldn't that make the programs run even slower?

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                            JmeLynn Level 1

                            Ok, I was right. I tried your suggestion about unchecking the accelerated hardware box and attempted to play one of my FB games that way and it WAS slower. It took even longer to load and half of my things on the game did not show up. So needless to say I checked the box again. Any other ideas?

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                              eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                              Hi, There are system requirements for using the hardware acceleration, some can use it and some can't. You can read about it here.




                              Mozilla Firefox made adjustments for the load times of Facebook and their various games with 3.6.7 and 3.6.8 to allow longer time for these games to load. Instead of the entire Firefox browser to crash due to these longer load times, they allowed Flash Player and Quicktime and I forgot the other program to crash instead.


                              The site you are speaking of is:




                              I would read the latest comments to see if there are any changes before doing this.


                              A thread just went up in the last day or two from someone that applied this and now they are having the same problem again, so I don't know if this is a long term solution or not. Many FF users said it worked for them, so you'll have to check it out and make your own decision.


                              Several FF users have went back to vs 3.6.3 and reported no problems with Flash Player 10.1.






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                                bsps45 Level 1


                                And your review statement is correct.

                                The games that do not work appear to be the interactive games.

                                Basically ones you move the cursor and click on things with etc.

                                If it is just a movie it seems to work.


                                I do not see a get_atlcom Class.


                                But, under extensions I have these two:


                                I have an Adobe DLM installed.

                                It says Adobe DLM (powered by getPlus(R))


                                I also have a IDM FlashPlugin

                                It says IDM FlashPlugin


                                As for AdBlocks both Facebook and Gaiaonline are listed as exceptions.

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                                  eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                  Hi, I'm sure you checked in your add ons and plugins also. So those are in your Extensions. Well, that tells me that you need to go to Add/Remove and see if a DLM or a getplus is listed there. If so, Remove either one or both. Then immediately go to your Program Files and open and look for a NOS folder. Right click and open it and Delete whatever files are there and then delete the folder also. Then Reboot your computer. If you do not find the NOS folder, then Reboot your computer anyway to make sure any Removal of the DLM/getplus in Add/Remove takes effect.


                                  After that Delete those from your Extensions. I'm assuming that you did not Install them into the Extensions yourself, correct?


                                  The IDM Flash Plugin I am not familiar with, will research it and let you know.



                                  Taking care of some of the above may help.



                                  Let me know what you find in the above.





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                                    bsps45 Level 1

                                    I deleted the GetPlus like you said and the NOS folder the but nothing appears different.

                                    I have a feeling it might be related to the IDM file but I could be wrong.

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                                      eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                      Hi, Ok that's good, so all of the DLM/getplus/NOS has been removed from Add/Remove and the FF extensions etc..


                                      On the IDM Flash Plugin, I researched that this afternoon and from what I read, this also is a downloader/accelerator and could have been conflicting with the DLM downloader files etc that you just removed. I also read that this IDM is difficult to Uninstall.


                                      I know you said it is in your extensions, but is it also in your Add/Remove? Before you Remove it from there, try to do a Search of your computer by entering either IDM or Internet Download Manager, etc. to find the path to where it is Installed.


                                      Another think you can do is bring up Task Manager and find it there. I have never heard of this except I know that Firefox had it on their Blocklist for particular versions. You are the first person that I know that has had this on their system.



                                      Let me know on that.






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                                        eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                        Hi, this is from Mozilla Firefox, the latest on their Blocklist:


                                      • Internet Download Manager, versions 6.9.8 and older, for Firefox 3.7a1pre and newer. Reason: high crash volume and other stability issues (see bug 578443).





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                                          bsps45 Level 1

                                          I did not see it on the add/remove list.


                                          Also I was fairly certain that that file was used to view specific types of flash movies on Gaiaonline.

                                          Those flash movies I have not checked to see if I have problems with yet or not.

                                          I do not know if it is still needed that plugin for them though.


                                          I will do a search for more DLMs and IDMs too.

                                          Thank you so much for all your help I hope it works.

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                                            eidnolb onlyone Level 5

                                            Hi, Yes it does appear to be related to the Gaiaonline. However, I don't understand why you would need it for that, since it appears that

                                            it is a downloader and accelerator. Other than the downloader function(which I don't understand that either, I download all the time and have never heard of this IDM, let alone used it) with the accelerator feature sounds just like the hardware acceleration that you just turned off that is with Flash Player 10.1.


                                            Since you have Removed the Adobe DLM and related files, etc you should not find anything else on your system from that.



                                            You might want to do an online Search for Gaiaonline and see if other users are having similar problems.




                                            Hope you can find what the cause is. Keep in mind too, there may be a glitch in the game itself. Perhaps they don't support Flash Player version This has happened in the past with other games.






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                                              Hi, I am having problems with the flash player too, its not working on facebook bejeweled blitz.


                                              Went to the pop games website, other bejewel games ok except facebook bejeweled blitz can't load.


                                              It does not work on explorer 8 as well as firefox.


                                              Please help! Thanks.