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    Flash Player 10.1 crashes accessing streaming MP3 from FMIS


      We used Flex Builder 3 to build a Flash-based streaming MP3 client which connects to FMIS.


      The client can be seen at www.radiospirits.com and click Listen Now at top-right of page.


      It has worked flawlessly for as long as we've had it, until now.


      As people upgrade to Flash Player 10.1, we are seeing many complaints of it actually locking up and crashing the browser.


      We have been able to reproduce this problem in Windows IE 8, as well as Mac Safari, and have had reports of crashes in other browsers and OSes.


      Rolling back to Flash Player 10.0 or earlier fixes problem.


      Using FMIS 3.5.4


      I converted the Flex 3 Builder project to Flash Builder 4 and recompiled and still get the crash with Flash Player 10.1.