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    How do I play FC swf with animation & video inside interactive pdf?


      Hello...good people! I want to create an interactive PDF using a published FC swf (offline view version) with flv video and animation. The problem I'm having is with video playback inside the pdf. EVERYTHING ELSE WORKS EXCEPT VIDEO! It's as if Acrobat is not reading the asset folder (where the video file is located) created by FC. All animations work and even the video control (skin) appears! Just....no....video!


      When I RUN PROJECT (inside browser), everything works perfectly!

      As a matter of fact, I am able to create damn-near-the-same SWF (with flv video playback and animation) inside InDesign CS5 (hint hint!) using the animation and media panel and Export> SWF command (and again everything works perfectly!)


      In case you want to know how I do it, here's how it works....

      1. Drag-and-drop your SWF created in InDesign into Acrobat 9 Pro or Pro Extended.

      2. When the INSERT FLASH dialogue box appears, check SHOW ADVANCED OPTIONS. Click the RESOURCES tab. Click the ADD DIRECTORY button. Then, locate the asset folder (with flv/f4v video) associated with your SWF. Click OK.

      3. And bam!!...the SWF (video playback and animation) should appear and play as soon as the dialogue box closes.


      But remember...this is with InDesign CS5! How do I do this with FC? Why does everything work BUT the video playback when I follow these same steps after publishing from FC? WHAT AM I MISSING OR DOING WRONG?!!! I know I can do a lot more with FC and I want to see the same awesomeness of FC interactivity in my PDF as I see in my browser!!! If InDesign can do it, I know there's a way FC can!!!! Now....a little help please!



      Big Waddy