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    Internal limit on unsaved operations?




      I have a script that duplicates a page many times over many pages.  Normally it runs fine, but for large number of copies, it runs fine for a bit but then eventually crashes InDesign.  I changed the script to incrementally save the composed file to disk every 10 pages, and it stopped crashing.


      So... is there a history of actions / undo steps / something else that InDesign tracks that is getting overflowed?  Is it possible to turn this off?  I tried app.actionScriptUndoMode, but it says the property is read-only.


      On a side note, is it possible to create 'soft' links in InDesign?  I am placing the same object hundreds of times and the resulting .indd file is quite large.  Can I place the actual object once, and then make the remaining placements fake / aliases of the original so that the .indd file doesn't get so big?  I am currently using document.place(), and then object.duplicate();