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    Dreamweaver CS3 (Mac) performance issues

    timminehan Level 1
      I am running DW CS3 on a MacbookPro 2.16/ 2Gb Mac OS X 10.4.10.

      It is slow to respond to mouse actions (constantly hitting the wrong button as a result), constantly hangs (but comes back to life eventually), is sometimes slow to type, renders faint dotted lines across pages (built in MX2004 with CSS) and is generally CRAP!

      It runs slower than MX2004 on the same machine. I have both versions installed on the machine (but don't run them at the same time!). I have similar issues with Conribute CS3 not responding as well.

      Please offer some assistance before I throw my computer across the room! Why is it so fsat on a PC, is something to do with the way the Mac does Java? Help - i don't want to get rid of my Mac for a PC!