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    a Swf into a Fla.

    Taterade92 Level 1

      Basically I'm making a website and I have an animation that uses a V-Cam. I want to put this animation into my website.

      The probelm is if I just load it, you can "see" the v-cam but you're not looking through it.

      It's wierd to explain now that I actually have to try.


      But the reason I can't export it as a Giff. or maybe an AVI and just load in as a movie, is because you'd see the Vcam and not look through it.. so I have to keep it a swf, but now even when I do it seems to be doing the same thing.

      I need a Swf. player in my website. in my Flash-made website...

      I've looked it up everywhere, but it's the V-Cam thing that's the problem, not loading an external Swf.