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    AVCHD Interlaced Export Problem....


      Hello all, I am fairly new to this forum, but have used CS4 and 5 for a while.. I am in Australia Pal so when I say 50i it is your 60i and 25 frames is your 30 .

      For a while now I have been shooting with the Sony CX550 1920x1080 50i. Then import into CS4 and export back out to AVCHD, creating a custom profile so it is 1920x1080 25Fps Interlaced Upper field first. I keep the file for archieving in this format. This has always worked fine and when ever I view the file on a Plasma tv or computer monitor, it looks fine.\


      I have tried doing the same thing in CS5 but the exported file exhibits combing or jaggered edges. Not really bad, but noticable. I have tried completely removing CS5 and reinstalling it, thinking the codec may have been corrupt, but I still get the same issue. I have tried it several times and made certain all the export settings are the same as I set them in CS4?


      Anyone experience the same or have an answer as to why this would be happening?


      Thank you.