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    A Delicate Question

    Jarliei Level 1

      Using PrePro CS5 / Win7 Ultimate / 64.

      Problem: Editing with PrePro CS5 a "Home copy" of a comercial DVD.

      how does one transfer the data to PrePro CS5, In which format?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Well, if that "home copy" is fully 100% DVD-compliant, and no MacroVision, or other Copy Protection is in place, then just copy the VOB's to the HDD, and Import them into your Project. This ARTICLE will give you some tips and background.


          I will not go into the legalities of the use of any © commercial footage - but one should strongly consider that.


          Good luck,



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            Jarliei Level 1

            Many thanks Bill,

            Your comments re “Home Videos” are noted and your explanation in your referred to article were clear and enlightening, Many thanks.

            Just by the way of explanation as after all, I do want in due course to make my way into Heaven..

            I found that my grandkids do not have the staying power to watch certain shows that I would like them to, fFor example - the historical movies.

            Editing out 90% of the content, leaving in the actual essence of the message will provide in my opinion, an important educational immersion much preferable to commercial TV and to the similar genre of DVD’s.

            I also want to transfer ALL my family videos onto DVD’s, just so as to make it easier for the kids, once I will be gone to Frisbee the DVD through the window rather than dump the photo prints, the slides, the Super 8, the 8, and the 16mm(!) into a dumpster.

            For this purpose now that I have retired, I have purchase a Win7 Ultimate machine with 12 GB of RAM, high capacity Hard Drives in RAID and lots of other things in it that I was told that I’ll need (that’s’ another story) and of course Adobe CS5 Master Collection.

            What’s now remaining is to learn how to use it.

            I thought that it would be simple…….

            Best regards and thanks again for your helpful article.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              When it comes to learning how to use PrPro CS5, I cannot recommend any book, more highly than Adobe Classroom in a Book Premier Pro CS5, Adobe Press. It is NOW released. I know most earlier versions, and this one just hit, but so far, I am impressed. The author will step you though the additions, but if you have not used CS4, or earlier, that might not make a lot of sense. Still, I'd read over that intro. Then, he steps you though creating a Project, and the Sequences, and gives you demo footage to play with, plus several PRPROJ files (the Projects themselves), so it's easy to see how one would set up a Project/Sequence. Along the way, there are some good tips on videography.


              Good luck,




              PS -do not sell the kids short. I have none, BUT we have hosted our wonderful niece and nephews many times. When they were young, we worried that we were not entertaining them enough. We'd take them camping for a month in the Summer, and would try to tailor things to stimulate them. Now, they are all grown. Recently, we all sat down, and they told us what they remembered most and best from those months of camping. I thought it would be the Alpine Slides, but instead, was totally blown away that it was about the historical aspects, like narrow-gauge trains, and the ghost-mining camps that we hiked to. Who knew? What seems a bit dry to an adult, viewing a child, might not be THAT bad. Amazing at what made the real impressions, years later. Just a side-note.

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                Jarliei Level 1


                Re Tuition

                Many thanks for your kind advice. I have ordered from the bookdepository.co.uk both "Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 Classroom in a Book (Mixed media product)" and  "Adobe Photoshop CS5 Classroom in a Book (Mixed media product)", these will keep me busy for a while.

                Re kids

                You really blew me away, currently while applying my long standing and experienced negotiating skills accumulated and practiced over forty years, I am happy to report that I am making a great head way with my daughter attempting to obtain her consent to allow me to take the kids to the local abandoned mining town where a steam train is running.

                I am not doing too bad mind you, in six month I was able to persuade her to change her position from "No way" to a "No". perseverance my dear Hunt, will prevail!


                May I trouble you with a question.

                Which of the applications within CS5 is most suitable for the creation of an impressive slide show that ultimately will either be incorporated into Premier or alternatively, a standalone production?





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                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                  Though I do not have CS5 yet, I create all of my SlideShows IN PrPro. It offers great flexibility and infinite control. Encore has a rudimentary SlideShow function, but unless it has been greatly expanded for CS5, it is very limiting. Because it is working at the DVD level, one can ONLY have 99 images per SlideShow. Now, one can have 99 SlideShows. The only "feature" that could possibly be useful to some, would be the application of Random Pan & Zoom. However, I would never likely use that. As I am a photographer first, I view each image as unique, and "Random" anything is of no use, especially Pans & Zooms, as no amount of AI would ever know what I considered the subject to be, in any image. I do those by hand, and by eye, in PrPro with Keyframes on the Effect>Motion>Scale and Motion>Position. I also limit my use of Transitions to but a very few.


                  Oh, forgot the ability to do Manual Advance in the Encore SlideShow, but I really do not normally need that - see below.


                  Though I did not start this Project, I am working on a SlideShow (9 hours w/ 22 Sequences to go to 8 DVD's) with now 3000+ images, hundreds of MOV and AVI files, Titles galore and 12 Audio Tracks. Works a treat, with zero issues.


                  If I were doing some more sophisticated SlideShows, I would go with ProShow Producer, and then finish up in PrPro. That would allow some additional features, that PrPro does not provide. Still, I have yet to justify the purchase and the learning curve to use the new program, so I stick with PrPro, at least for now.


                  A couple of tips: if you do NOT have any Video Assets, then set your Sequence Preset for your output, say BD. [If you DO have Video Assets, set the Sequence Preset to match those 100%, instead.]


                  Scale your stills to that Sequence Preset, or just a bit over, if you need to do Pans on a Zoomed out image. This ARTICLE will give you tips. I have been told that PrPro CS5 has improved the Scaling algorithms, but cannot test yet. Still, one has more control with PS, like Bicubic Smoother for some images, and Bicubic Sharper for others. Prior to PrPro CS5, the Scaling algorithms left a lot to be desired, IMHO. Also, doing the Scaling in PS removes a great deal of processing overhead from the computer and from PrPro.


                  Good luck, and enjoy!




                  PS - is that steam train to the mining town in the UK? Where? I am a bit of a history buff, and really enjoy steam trains too. We're in London 2 - 3 times per year, and that sounds like an interesting trip. Though we're usually tied up in meetings in the city, we do try to get to the countryside.

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                    Jarliei Level 1


                    I shall digest your  email later on today in the meantime, the train etc is actually few miles south of the UK - http://www.zigzagrailway.com.au/about.php   and   http://www.zigzagrailway.com.au/wizards.php



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                      the_wine_snob Level 9

                      Yeah, just a few Km south!


                      Going to be in Sydney for a bit in the Winter (here in the Northern Hemisphere), but think that 150 Km might be a bit much for a day trip, if we even have a moment for those.


                      Thanks, looks very interesting,



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                        Jarliei Level 1

                        If you are down here - and if you like, give me a call.

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                          the_wine_snob Level 9

                          Right now, the dates have not been set, but we'll be leaving one meeting in Los Angeles, and probably flying into Sydney for about four days, in December.


                          Drop me a PM with contact info, and if that trip comes about, and we do have a little bit of time, we can do a pint, or a nice OZ Shiraz. I was trying to get us booked into a Relais & Chateau property (Tower Lodge?), but it was too far out for my wife's meetings. Now, we're looking at the Sydney Hilton instead. I'd always choose a small inn, or B&B, but sometimes they are just not situated close enough for business. Then, I just fall back on Hilton, 'cause I have more points than anyone alive (probably more than any two people alive), and if I die with those, my wife has promised to put a rude comment on my tombstone - "This fool died with the most points... " Maybe cremation and ashes being scattered in a vineyard, and a golf course would save me that embarrassment?


                          Zig-Zag sounds cool, and worth the effort, but think that we'll be too pressed for time - just like 99% of our UK trips. Hate being there, and not getting out of Mayfair! That is criminal, but is also life.





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                            Jarliei Level 1





                            I understand that this message is viewed by all, I don’t know how to send a PM  pls advise.

                            Re tower lodge

                            It is situated in the Hunter Valley, some two hours' drive from Sydney CBD, rather far I would have said if you are needed for CBD meetings. The Hunter is more like a week ender away rather than every day accommodation nor is it a holiday place.

                            Recently The Sydney Hilton has been refurbished, so it is a nice place for tourists and air crews. Also in Sydney unlike other cities in the world, Hotel restaurants are recommended - in addition of course to the outside restaurants. The Hilton Glass Brassiere is not bad.  I think that you cannot go wrong in the Hilton. Saying that check out the Sheraton on the Park, The Observatory and the Park Hyatt Sydney. All of which are in the CBD. The Galileo in the Observatory serve decent taka (Food). All of the above mentioned pubs (Hotels) are within a pleasant walking distance to the CBD and a short taxi ride to the adjoining suburbs and the places where the locals eat.

                            Pubs are aplenty of course but not wine bars, there are a number of restaurants with excellent wine lists but we tend if possible to BYO* which mean that we drink the wine that we want to drink on the night rather than the ones that the restaurant decide to stock. Local restaurants accept that, CBD restaurants do not, but then again, we very rarely eat in the CBD, as we like to eat good and drink even better.

                            Re points - I was caught twice with points devaluation, in both cases I've lost heavily, since then whenever  I have enough points I use them. So in January I am off to BC Canada for some skiing.

                            Dying with lots of points on hand? Never thought about it, maybe that's a quicker way to heaven?  But then will everything go up in smoke? I guess so, I rather ski.


                            • BYO - Bring Your Own, a respected Ausi custom where one is encourage to bring own plonk (Wine) {(but not Grog (Liquor)! } to the restaurant, the establishment usually charge "corkage", about $3-$5 per head, we cellar our Plonk or just buy it in the Local (the nearest Pub)  or in the Grog Shop on the way to restaurant. Ausi wine is different to other wines, and as we tend to bring one or two bottles too many to the restaurant and share our wine with the staff, The evening is usually quite memorable...


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                              the_wine_snob Level 9

                              For the PM, just click on my avatar, to open up my Profile. In the right-hand side of that screen, you will see Send Private Message. Pretty simple, compared to some other aspects of this forum (due to the Jive software, that it runs on).


                              Yes, the Tower feel off the list of possibilities, when we started looking at proposed meeting schedules - dang, work always seems to get in the way.


                              Thanks for the tips on the CBD hotels. I have not seen that term used in a very long while. In New Orleans, everything is described by neighborhood, as the point of the compass are pretty much meaningless down there. We had Central Business District - CBD, the Quarter, Uptown, Garden District, Mid-City, and on it goes. I still use CBD, but no one in Denver, or Phoenix knows what I am talking about.


                              Phoenix is another area, where resorts can have great restaurants. Going back, before Phoenix because so large, and cosmopolitan, the resorts were scattered about, and usually far from population centers. For their guests, they brought in some great chefs, and step them up in excellent restaurants. Many now own free-standing restaurants around the city. The trend continued, but with the economy here, seems that now corporate restaurants are moving into the resorts. Most have a chef's name, but he/she lives in NYC, London or Paris. Only the name applies.


                              As the trip shapes up, I'll PM you the list of close-by restaurants from a food & wine board, that I frequent, for your approval.


                              We have some BYOB here, but it differs by city, state and even by island in Hawai`i. I seldom bother, as we are often on the road, so shipping my wine is a real hassle. Also, most local places around here have great wine lists. In a few cases, I've helped them put 'em together. It would be cheesey to ask for BYOB with those! Also, there are all sorts of laws that apply, and it is too much of a hassle. Now, I have brought some very, very special bottles to grand dinners, but that is the great exception for me.





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                                Jarliei Level 1


                                I don’t seem to find your PM address on your profile.

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                                  the_wine_snob Level 9

                                  The PM's can be accessed by either one's screen name (the_wine_snob) in my case, or by "Send PM" from the person's profile screen.