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    (FB4 Bug !?!) Back and Forward history buttons not working as expected for .as/.mxmxl docs

    separ8 Level 1

      The back and foward buttons of the FB4 IDE are registering navigation to the history controller when moving from class  to class but when moving from function to functions in an  .as or .mxmxl   class we are not getting a history of the visited locations. It does work  though when working in a Java project on a (.java) class... does  anyone knows how I can enable the history locations in the (.as/.mxmxl)  class ? ( Updates, I have notice that the location history is being  updated when moving from function to function in the (.as/.mxmxl) class  while in a debug session )


      Is there a way to make the back and foward button of the Flash Builder IDE working with the .as and .mxml as it works with the .java files ?