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    No CF Builder perspective in FB4

    ProjectedSurplus Level 1

      I installed cfbuilder as a plugin to

      Flash Builder but now cannot access/find the CF Builder perspective  (other posts refer to similar but don't have an end solution).   Any help is appreciated.


      (Note I also tried installing the same cfbuilder to a bare eclipse install and also could not find/access the cf perspective.)

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          Rui Silva Level 3


          I have both Flash Builder and CF Builder installed as plugins to an independent eclipse instance and I can find the CFBuilder perspective without any problem. What version of eclipse are you using? Can you see the CFBuilder menu options on the help menu? When you select "About eclipse" on the help menu do you see a CFBuilder icon on the dialog box? Do you see CFBuilder in the perspectives list in the corresponding preferences page?

          Sorry for not being more helpful, but it really is difficult to understand what might be happening without more information.


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            It appears that CFBuilder plug-ins are not accessible by FlashBuilder/Eclipse as the perspective is not dispalyed. How did you installed CFBuilder plugins ? It is recommended to install any plug-ins into FlashBuilder using p2.

            If there is no update site associated with CFBuilder plug-ins, then copying those plug-ins into 'dropins' folder (path would be <Adobe Flash Builder>/dropins/plugins/) is a better way. Try to restart FlashBuilder/Eclipse using -clean option to make sure Eclipse considers the newly installed plug-ins.