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    What is the rationale behind the "UnusedParameterRule"?

    mylenereiners Level 1



      I wonder if someone can explain the following questions regarding the "UnusedParameterRule":

      1. Why is it a blocker?
        I can imagine a developer gets a warning when he (or she) doesn't use the passed parameters - but I really don't understand why it is a blocker...
      2. (Maybe redundant) Where can I find more information about this (and other) rule(s) and the reasons for creating it/them?
        It is possible I used the wrong search terms, but I really did not find anything... except an example, and I understand the example as such, but not the why!


      And I know I can change the severity of the rule or ignore the rule entirely, but it is important to me to understand why I should or shouldn't...