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    Flex 3.5 data visualization license




      For Flex 3.5,  the data visualization library is freely available, but it's licensing  is unclear to me. Do I still need the Flex Builder license if I want to  use it in a commercial product?


      The legal stuff page (http://opensource.adobe.com/wiki/display/flexsdk/Legal+Stuff#LegalStuf f-LicensesofthevariousFlexSDKpackages) mentions:

      "Adobe Add-ons for Open Source Flex SDK – This package contains  all of the items that are in the Adobe Flex  SDK and not in the Open  Source Flex SDK. Downloading this file will  allow you to bring the Open  Source Flex SDK to parity with the Adobe  Flex SDK. This package includes  the Adobe Flash Player, Adobe AIR, the  advanced font encoding  libraries, and the code that allows licensing of things like the Data Visualization components. All of these elements are licensed under the  Adobe Flex SDK license."


      But I don't understand what that means. Is "code that allows licensing of data visualization" something else than the "data visualization" library?

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          rootsounds Level 4

          The Data Visualization components were open sourced, but done so in a somewhat quiet and lazy manner. Nobody ever bothered to update the descriptions on the open source download page to reflect the change and (as far as I can tell) they never bothered to properly repackage it. If you want the source, you also have to go digging through the Flex SVN. Reading the source, you can find all kinds of details that were deliberately undocumented reflecting when Adobe didn't really want you messing with it and/or wanted to give you a reason to pay. No cleanup. Just released as-is.


          For me it's been great since I am at last able to finally dive in and understand how the components work, extend them, and can often fix the quirks fairly easily.

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            Chetan M V

            Then when building via maven(using flex-mojos) why do we still need to provide the license information if we have to get rid of the watermark on the grids?.


            Please help me understand.