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    LCDS and JMS on weblogic9 part2

      Hello flex data users,

      Going on with my testing in using LCDS with JMS, I've setup a topic on my weblogic JMS server to use it with my flex client.
      The problem is that I don't see how to setup a unique client ID for the TopicConnection.
      I'm alwais receiving this error :


      Error connecting : [JMSClientExceptions:055032]An attempt was made to create a named consumer (DSB3BC532D-1090-38A6-D185-8F3B2AE46ECC) on a connection with no clientID

      I've tryed using consumer.subscribe("someID") but it didn't work either.

      Should I write my own Message Service adapter to implement that ?

      Thanks for any clues because I'm pretty stuck for now.
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          stephflex Level 1
          Ok I finally found what was wrong in my messaging-config.xml file.

          I was using this which set the durable param to true

          Set it to false is working for me as the topic connection seem to generate a correct clientID