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    Has Anyone Tested GPU Performance?


      I'm about to build a new comuter and I cannot decide what graphics card to get.


      If I want to use the CUDA features I'm pretty much stuck with the Nvidia GTX 285 since it's the only Geforce card that works.


      I'm assuming that they're going to add support for the 4xx series, that makes sense right?


      I'm not buying a GTX 285 any time soon, if I go Nvidia I'll probably get a 460 or something. So what I want to know is just how dramatic is the GPU performance?


      I'm mainly using Premiere and After Effects together to composit 3D and live footage as well as some motion graphics. Am I going to be sorry if I just go for a great ATI card like the Radeon 5770 or the 4870?


      I game slightly more than I do video (I only do video when I actually have clients for it) so it kind of seems like I might be wasting my money if I invest in an expensive video card for a small performance increase.


      AFX and Premiere Pro already have about a 160% to 200% performance increase over CS4 on my machine; do you think GPU accelleration will be dramatically better?


      I know this topic is overly discussed but It's 5 AM and I'm having trouble finding exactly what I'm looking for. I've got everything for my new computer picked out except the GPU. If the performance is dramatic I'll hold off and go with a GTX 285 or a 460; if it's not that drastic I'm just going to go for a Radeon HD 5770 or HD 4870.