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    PDF Reader render quality.


      Hi All,


      We have a problem with PDF Reader quality at Windows XP OS. We try to open the file with two transparent polygons drawn next to each other with small distance between. Here is the file:



      During the file rendering at the PDF reader in different zoom mode we have a strange artifacts. In big zoom mode we have a red line between these triangles(right behavior cause there is a small gapping at the file), but in small zoom mode we have a lilac line between polygons, as I understand this is a result of overlapping of two adjacent transparent areas and this is not right behavior. Here is a screenshots of our problem:


      Big zoom (gapping):



      Small zoom(overlapping):



      Small zoom detailed view(overlapping):



      Have anybody the same problem? And are there any solutions to fix this? I can reproduce this bug on different computers with XP. I hope the developers reads this forum cause I think the problem is inside PDF.