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    Can i publish a single swf file with FC if i have many swf's in a project?


      Hello all!

      I have a great problem that i wanna solve quick! And ofc i need ur help. So...

      I have a website, that ive made in FC. There is a lot of small swf files, but whole site is kinda big (about 15mb).

      When im opening it i can see a preloader that do something (but doesnt preload all site content), then my website appears. BUT! Every single swf loads by itself for about 30-90 sec. After that site works fine.


      So i have 2 problems:

      1. How can i paste my own preloader and how can i make it preload all content before user can see it?

      2. Can i make a single swf file from all my content to make preloader work correct?


      Ty 4 ur help!


      PS. counting on ya;)