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    help with different commands for buttons?




      I am not sure that I have worded this title in the best way, as i find what i am looking for kind of hard to explain, so please bear with me!


      I have a page that have approx 60 different buttons on it, it is an interactive grid, so each "block" of the grid is a button. Depending on which button is clicked, i need things to become visible on the graph, e.g the way i currently have it is on release of button a, it takes you to a "question page" on a different slide, and depending on the button you click "yes" or "no" corresponding movie clips on the "grid page" e.g a1, a2, a3 etc. become visible, so the action is on (release) {gotoAndPlay(2), a2._visible=true, a3._visible=true;} etc, but the user then needs to be able to click on button B, which will then take them to the "b question page" and the same principal is applied, but the problem i have is making the answers chosen from A, visible when answers are then inputted from B, as there is no way of knowing which answer the user will pick, so i need to programme it for every possible combination of answers, e.g a1, b6, c2 or whatever. I suppose my question is, is there a way i can make programme my buttons, so that if i name the button for answer A6, "buttonA6" that i could then make a code sort of like on release of buttonA6 gotoAndPlay(2);    etc etc.


      I really hope this makes some sense and that someone can help me, I am totally stuck here, as you can most likely tell!

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          Lou@Work Level 1

          ok i am going to try and elaborate if i can, i would like to be able to set a command for each variable, for example if a2, g4, c6 or whatever are clicked, i would like to go to the appropriate page, and for the corresponding movie clips for each one to become visible, and i would need to be able to do this for each individual set of variable answers, does this make any more sense?

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            Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I have yet to be able to follow what you have tried to describe, but I'll toss out an idea based on part of what you just posted and you can decide if it would be of any use to you...


            If you have buttons a2, g4, c6 and they get clicked, then you could have a page somehow defined by "a2g4c6", maybe as an instance name, or maybe as a frame label, so you have your code take the names of the buttons that were clicked and build them into that string and use it.

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              Lou@Work Level 1



              I appreciate you taking the time to try and help here. I guess what i am looking for is a command that i can have such as on release of a1, b4, c2, d8 movieclipA = visible (i'm not using proper code obviously, i'm just trying to demonstrate what i mean) currently i have been putting all of the possible outcomes on seperate frames, but this is obviously going to take a really long time, and is seriously inefficient, so i am hoping there is a command i can use.


              Any more help or advice would be greatly appreciated