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    Problem with Accordion/embed fonts in AS




      I have a package named "accordion" in my Flex Project.

      In there, I have a file named "Accordion.as" with the content:


      include "AccordionHeader.as";
           [Embed(systemFont='Arial', fontWeight='bold', fontName='accordionHeader', mimeType='application/x-font', embedAsCFF='false')] 
      private var font1:Class;


      Then I have the file "AccordionHeader.as" in same package "accordion".


      But Flash Builder returns an error with the message:

      "Packages may not be nested".


      What am I doing wrong?


      I tried to create a separate file for the class "font1" but it didn't work. I read that it could also be that i forgot a brace, so now I'm confused why this error appears.



      Regards, Michael.