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    Adding buttons to Skins

      I am trying to add buttons to the XP Blue skin. I can see the buttons in Preview. I have clicked Update...
      When I publish (to RoboInfo) the buttons do not display. Any ideas?

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          RoboWizard Level 4
          Hi Mooresville

          If RoboInfo works anything like regular RoboHelp does, you will probably need to expand the Single Source Layouts pseudo folder and double-click the layout to get at the properties. But something tells me you may not see this in RoboInfo. Hopefully there is a dialog somewhere that will list all the options available to you. In regular RoboHelp HTML, when you add a button, you then have to ensure you enable it in the layout properties before it will show up in the resulting files.

          Sorry I'm not much more help, but having never seen or used RoboInfo, I'm stabbing in the dark. Hopefully fellow Community Expert and fellow RoboHelp instructor John Daigle will pick this up and offer more.

          Cheers... Rick