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    Masks move in project from XP64 PC to Windows7 PC

    Fritz71 Level 1

      Any solution to this (rather frustrating) issue?


      Got a project with various masks in, for example using an animated mask (hold keyframes) to snap on word-by-word

      a 3 word sentence (not the only instance so using a text animation preset doesn't solve the entire issue)


      Save project on 1 workstation running CS4 under XP64. Open same project on another workstation running Windows 7,

      and certain (but not all it seems) masks have shifted position. Thus half the first letter of the second word is revealed with first word.


      If I correct on W7 PC and resave, same problem when reopening project on XP PC.


      Given I want to do a multi machine render, a bit of a problem.


      Any ideas?