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    RH8 & Word 2010 on 64-bit OS


      Hello - I have reviewed all of the posts and couldn't find a solution for the error that I am receiving.  I am running RoboHelp 8 on a Windows 7 64-bit OS, along with MS Office 2010.  When I attempting to generate Printed Documentation I am receiving the following error:

          "A supported version of Microsoft Word does not exist.  Please install Microsoft Word 2000 or newer."

      I have gone into Tools | Options | Associations and added both .doc and .docx tot he File Associations and added Microsoft Word to the HTML Editors list.


      I can tell you that Office was installed before RH8.


      When viewing the Properties of my Printed Documentation Layout, I only have PDF checked because that is the format I wish to export as.  Why is it looking for Word when I want to have a PDF?


      Even better, is this because I am using Office 2010 or 64-bit - or a combination of the two?