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    Director & local files

      Hi. Sorry for my English, it's not so good, but here is the question:
      I wonder if Director can create a file at the local user PC or change it?

      The situation is next:
      I'm making a CD-presentation. So i wont to create administrative tool which will provide my client with possibility to change the content of presentation.
      Now, I'm working in Flash, but it's security police doesn't allow to write files on local machine.

      I wont to get an answer whether I proceed to learning Director, or make an another desision?

      Thanks for attention.
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          It's definitely not a problem for Director to create a file at the local user pc. :D
          As long as you have the supported xtra, you can create whather file u like it to be.

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            With Director you can read and write files to the user's local hard drive. So, you
            could create a tool that allows the user to write a file that allows that person
            to customise the presentation to specific needs. You can't get a Director
            projector (executable) to output another executable file. But, what you could do
            is create the admin side to the application and the player side. So, the admin
            Executable is where the user makes all the changes. And the Player executable
            reads that external file and arranges content based on that file.

            This external file can be done in a number of ways - a text file, a XML, binary.
            As mentiioned in the other reply, you can find Xtras (Director plugins) for this.
            But, even without Xtras, you can set this up. It is just a matetr of determining
            what you want the user to control and how you wnat this information to be saved
            and accessed.


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              Vitaliy83 Level 1
              Thanks a lot.
              Now I'm quite shure that Director is good. And it is necessary for me to learn it.