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    Help with Settings in Capturing a 1968 Movie for DVD Production


      I've  got a problem with Premier Pro and need some help.

      I'm on a deadline to  edit a full-length movie (1:27 long). It's a home job with,  unfortunately, not a lot of knowledge about Premiere Pro. It's to be  sent out in MPEG2-DVD (Which I do know how to do). My problem in  importing from the DV tapes. I know how to capture from the Sharp VL-AX1 that I'm using to read the tapes. It shows up in Premiere Pro, etc.

      My  problem is with the settings. I set up Premiere Pro with DV-NTSC Standard  48kHz, then hit capture. While the small screen on the Sharp VL-AX1 shows  the scenes with just a small black stripe (1/2 inch?) on top and bottom  of the actual scene, the import/capture screen on the PC pops to a wide  screen as soon as it begins the capture and everything is elongated horizontally. I've tried variations  for the last month, but I'm just stuck here. The movie was shot in 1968  and is wider; just not wide-screen. When I try out the widescreen  set-up, the capture screen on the PC is just as wide, if not wider.

      The movie was digitized from the original 35mm copy by a professional company in Texas. I'm just trying to fix some of the color problems and send it back to them for the DVD production. They use Avid, so they can't do the same color correction, etc., work that I would like to do.


      I would like to import it from the DV tapes in the highest possible quality, edit it a bit, and then export it in a format (probably mpeg2-DVD) they can use to do the further editing (DVD menus, etc.) for production.

      Below is a picture of what shows up on the screen of the Sharp VL-AX1

      Sharp Image.jpg

      Below is a picture of what shows up on the Capture screen in Premiere Pro (CS5)

      PP5 Image.jpg

      Any help or suggestions will be appreciated. I must have this project done by Friday.