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    Why would cursor speed affect a button?


      Hi all, I'm using Flash MX, not MX 2004... so I think that means my version of ActionScript is pre-2.0.  Hope that's enough info, but I'm happy to include more.  I tried File->Publish Settings->Flash but didn't see my AS version.


      Long story short, I have a simple drop-down menu created.  When I roll over a menu button, a submenu appears (a movie).  When I roll off either the button or the sub menu, I have an invisible button surrounding the menu button and sub-menu movie with the action:




      This takes it to the next frame, which has a stop action and no submenu.  The menu actually works fine; exactly as it's supposed to.  So why am I posting this?  Because I've noticed that when I move my cursor quickly over the invisible button, it doesn't activate and the sub menu stays opened.  Slowly, or moderatly, the button is activated and I have no problem.  Has anyone else encountered this?  If I move the pointer quickly over several buttons, they all just stay open until re-rolled over, which is quite ugly.  I'm hoping to either fix the button, or create something that makes them time-out and collapse if the pointer isn't present.  Not sure if this is possible.  Suggestions?  Be gentle!  I'm a Flash-noob!