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    Table Autofit - Fixed Column Width not actually fixed when resize viewing window

    LPMichael Level 1

      Using RoboHelp x8.0.2.208

      Generating HTML help (CHM)


      Set the Autofit property for a table as Fixed Column Width

      Generate the CHM file

      The table starts as the size specified

      If I resize the width of the HTML help viewer, the column width shrinks


      I tested generating this project as WebHelp with the same results


      I also went into the Table Properties and specified a Preferred Width for the overall table and for each column.


      I thought this option would set the size of the table based on how I sized it in source and would not resize the table as the viewing window is resized (either the HTML help viewer for CHM or the web browser window for WebHelp).


      It appears the actual behavior is to start at the size specified and resize columns as the viewing window is resized.


      Can someone tell me if I am not setting something correctly?


      As always, thanks for any assistance/direction.


      Michael F Weart