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    fix paths that refuse to be fixed other than manually

    Bill Planey Level 1

      I have a CS4 project that was built on Windows. All of the Links are .tif files that have not been renamed. The Links panel shows long filenames including the paths, with backslashes. Here's an example:


      \Company\2010\2010 Catalog Final\Section 3\Pictures\FILENAME.TIF


      If I select the missing files in the palette and try to use Relink to Folder... from the Links panel and choose the new folder I have put all the Links in (with "Match same filename and extension" chosen as an option), InDesign reports "Failed to find X links in new folder. These links have not been relinked, and will remain selected in the Links panel."


      I have also located a JavaScript online that purports to fix this, and even though it runs through the routine and claims to have fixed the paths to the new one, it does not. It fails.


      The only thing that works is if I manually relink each missing item.


      As I have about 400 items in each layout to relink, I am quite eager for an automated solution.


      The files also always open with the following message: "Linotype FontExplorer version fc4 or newer could not be found." This refers to version 1.0fc4. Well, I happen to be running Lynotype FontExplorer and the plug-in version in my InDesign CS4 is version 3.09, so it definitely IS newer. How do I get rid of this message? (and it persists even if I export to an .inx file and reopen, as does the paths problem.)