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    Can't edit this page error but none of the reasons apply


      My client is on Contribute CS5. He is the only person who is making updates to his site via Contribute. Since he's installed it, pretty much every time he makes a change on a page and publishes it, he gets the "You can’t  edit this page now because (username)  is currently  editing it." error. Per the knowledgebase, I've ruled out all 5 of the suggested reasons.

      • He did not close the  browser without publishing or discarding the edits.
      • The page is NOT currently being edited by another  user.
      • The publish operation for the page worked just fine
      • http://www.adobe.com/products/contribute/?sdid=EKWEFContribute was not restarted during the  edit process.
      • He was not inactive for a long time.

      Any other ideas????