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    Popup for Datagrid

      Hi all,
      I need a help regarding popup for displaying my data grid which has too many columns.Right now the whole data is not being diplayed because of too many columns. I want to use an expand all icon, which when clicked opens a popup containing the datagrid. The popup should have all the features of a normal window like minimize,maximize and close buttons to the right -top corner .The user if he wants can mimimise,maximize or even close the window.It should be the same as the window which appears when we click on the preview button while posting the message in the forum. For more idea you can try checking out on clicking the preview button.

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          jfillman Level 1
          The Flex 2 Developer's Guild has a very good article on creating a popup TitleWindow which has the functionality you are looking for. The minimize and maximize things can be done as well, but will require some extra work.

          Go to the Flex 2 Developer's Guild. Select "Building User Interfaces for Flex Applications". The select "Using Layout Containers". Then "TitleWindow layout container". The article is called "Creating a pop-up window".

          You could also put the datagrid in an HBox container, show all the columns, and allow horizontal scrolling for the container. You may have to size the HBox with a numeric width, not a percentage, otherwise the HBox may stretch to match the dataGrid. This option will take you about 5 minutes, versus hours or days in making the popup display and function as you described.
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            ntsiii Level 3
            Definitely, if a scrolling DG is acceptable, this is the best way.

            But a popup, non-modal, hidable, movable...etc DataGrid, synchronized with the main grid is an interesting component idea, and would require no ridiculously advanced skills.

            Be sure you think through the requirements carefully.