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    Attachments in ES2


      I'm working on a big workflow and hopefully this is the last major hurdle to figure out.


      I don't understand how attachments are supposed to work in ES2.  In ES1 it was straight forward because attachments just got saved into an List/Document variable which I typically called 'AttachList'.


      With ES2, if I do the same thing and set the assignment steps for Input and Output for 'AttachList' then the attachment get doubled on each subsequent Assignment step.  After additional research I discover that the TaskResult (which I created a variable named as such) contains the attachments in a List there.  Unfortunately, the contents of the TaskResult don't carry forward to the next Assignment step.


      So if I use AttachList then attachments get doubled each time.

      If I use TaskResult then attachments arn't visible at all on the next step.


      I think my question is:

      How do you ensure attachments are visable to downstream Assignments and allow new attachments to be added along the way?

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          BCinHOU Level 1

          Just figured it out.  It a seperate set step after each Assignment:









          You have to use the [1] to essentially reset the AttachList variable otherwise it appends attachments each time even if they are duplicates.

          Adobe, that is silly.



          Then in the Assignment/Attachments you set the Input = AttachList and the Output is null.


          In ES1, you simply set the Input/Output to the same list.  I also recall an option that let your forward attachments to the next step.  Fairly straight forward.  They seemed to have taken a step backwards on this one.  Oh well.