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    What version has search results in same window?


      I currently have version 8.2.4


      The full reader search opens in a new window. I don't like this.


      There was a version where one could see search results in the same window as the document was displayed in.


      What version was that, please, and do you know where I can download it from?

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          Bernd Alheit Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The search results were always in a seperate window.

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            _enso_ Level 1

            I never paid enough attention to the details of exactly how it worked previously, so I can't be positive whether you're right or wrong. If they did always open in a 2nd window, they did so in such a way as to seem like the same window:

            1. The search results window now overlaps the document display window.
            2. There are separate entries in the task bar for the document and the search results.
            3. And I have to use Alt-tab to switch between the two windows.


            What I do know for a fact is there was a version that did not operate that way. (And futzing around to resize the windows so they don't overlap is not an acceptable work-around.)


            I am likely not using the official terminology to name things.


            I've put up with it this way for a long time, but it's a stupid design and I want the old way back.