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    Suddenly not possible to import (long) audio files anymore


      I´m in a hurry putting together a video production, and of coure I run into this freak problem..


      I was working on my project, importing different .avi´s and mp4's into the project.. Had some trouble importing .avi in the beginning, but then I installed the K-lite codec pack. Everything seemed to be working fine.


      The problem that suddenly arose was that I was not longer able to import .avi-files with the audio intact. I know the files are OK, I can see the video, but the waveform of the audio of the .avi doesn´t show up as a waveform anymore, it´s just a straight line where the audio is in Premiere Elements... The first files I imported still works fine in the project, but when I try to import the files that I imported in the first place *again*, they are without audio..


      I tried exporting the audio from the .avi as .wav. The same problem occured, it imports into Premiere Elements, but no waveform is showing up.. Then I tried to make the .wav shorter, and if it´s under 5 minutes, it shows up as a waveform in Premiiere Elements 7.. Freak errors, I always seem to encounter them when in a hurry.. Hope someone can help, would appreciate..