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    frameworks folder in a jar?


      I'm pretty stringent about a requirement for all of our Java builds -- that all anyone should need is a computer with Ant and the JDK to pull everything necessary for any of the builds in Subversion. I've been working like this for over a decade now, and with a bit of work, I have our Flex builds working this way too.


      The only real drawback is that we have to have the whole "frameworks" folder in SVN. The FLEX_HOME gets set to ${basedir} in Ant, and everything works fine.


      Except.... Having to pull that whole frameworks folder adds a minute+ to the build.


      I've been trying different things to allow the frameworks folder to be in frameworks.jar, but I can't get mxmlc to find the flex-config file in the jar.


      Has anyone found a way to do this? Is there something simple that I'm missing?