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    Numbered List Font Size Inconsistency

      Hey all...

      Have setup a numbered list paragraph style in my CSS, that works just fine in the standard page flow. However, it gets jacked-up when I include the style in a table... In WYSIWYG mode, the auto-generated numbers are the same size as the actual body text, but when I generate a preview/finished product, the point size of the actual numbers is larger than the body text (e.g., the number is 12 pt, or so and the body text remains at its set 10 pt). I used to have a fix for this by manually editing the HTML code, but I can't seem to get that to work... or at least I don't know where I need to set the font size tag in the HTML.

      Any suggestions? (And sorry if this is a repeat question, but nothing comes up in the forum search).

      Thanks a lot,

      - Vern
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          MergeThis Level 4
          I'm pretty sure that HTML uses the BODY settings for default things like list numbers.

          However, let me recommend against using styles for number and bullet lists. The output can be dicey, as you've seen, and gets even worse when you generate Printed Doc. There've been many threads in this forum about this issue. Simply dump the styles, select the content for the list items, and click the RH list toolbar icons.

          If you absolutely must do styles, you could try setting up "descendant selectors" in the .css file. If you, for example, create a style like TR OL { blah-blah styles }, every OL nested within opening and closing TR tags will get that style (even if you have some intro content surrounded by P tags between the TR and OL tags). If you want to ensure that this style only applies if nothing separates the TR and OL tags, you would set up a "direct child selector" like TR > OL { blah-blah styles }.

          Good luck,
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            Vernholio Level 1

            Thanks a lot for the information... Why is it that the easist solution is the hardest to recognize? You bring up a good point. I will just use RH's numbering tools, and forget the styles. And, it's just as you've said... I've had to manually reformat a lot of the numbering instances in the Printed version of the same document in Word (tabs and indents would all of a sudden be forgotten. mid-list).

            Thanks again,

            - Vern