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    ? Flash CS4, Is it possible to adjust the length of multiple timelines at once?



      I am using Flash CS4. Is there any way to adjust the length of multiple timelines at once? I am doing an animation of leaves falling from a tree. The leaves alone have 17 separate timelines on separate layers plus each has it's own guide layer.


      If I had the ability to to select all of the timelines together and adjust all of their respective start and end times at the same same time, relative to each other as well as separately, life would be so much easier!


      Of course I can do it timeline by timeline, no problem, but I can't seem to adjust the length of more than one timeline at a time. (no pun intended)


      Even when I select more than one timeline, the double arrow only adjusts the length of one timeline. Even each guide layer's length has to be adjusted separately. I understand the benefit of this, but, testing timing and making adjustments would be so much simpler and go so much faster if I could select and drag multiple timeline lengths at the same time.


      Is there any way to do this?


      I'm new to Flash so, thanks in advance for your patience with me!