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    onClipEvent and loading external images


      I'm a flash newbie and I am trying to change the images the following calls up. (Using CS4 and AS 2.0)



      onClipEvent (load)


          imageProperties = _root.getCurrentImageName(0);

          loadMovie(_root.url + imageProperties.name, this.cont.pic);

          url = imageProperties.linkToOpen;

          targetWindow = imageProperties.target;


      Where is the getCurrentImageName calling the image up from? or...
      Where is the imageProperties.linkToOpen pointing to?
      Honestly, I get that I could find the image in the directory and just change it out with the same name/pixel size, but I'd also like to add more images to this particular project with the same conditions.
      I'm probably one of those girls that knows enough to cause more damage than good, so at least point me in the right direction. please help~ ;p