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    HTML component with PDF disappears on rotate/scale

    Don Kerr Level 3

      I have a PDF loading into an <mx:HTML> source.  This works fine.  However, in my multi-touch application, I need to drag/rotate/scale its wrapping container.  Drag works fine.  However, when it rotates/scales, the PDF disappears.


      From livedocs:


      "If certain visual properties of an HTMLLoader object that contains a PDF document are changed, the PDF document will become invisible. These properties include the filters, alpha, rotation, and scaling

      properties. Changing these properties renders the PDF content invisible until the properties are reset. The PDF content is also invisible if you change these properties of display object containers that contain the HTMLLoader object."



      Is this still a limitation on Air 2/Hero?  Is there a workaround so the container/HTML/PDF can support rotating/scaling?


      I want the multi-touch wall users to be able to make the PDF bigger, rotate the container/pdf, and drag it around the wall.  My drag/rotate/scale work very well on any other component, just not pdf.


      Please explain why it disappears and if there is a workaround.