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    Text Blacked out using RDC

    Derry Hirsch

      I am on a Mac and accessing my companies PC based server via Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac. Everything works fine except reading PDF files. I am using Adobe Reader 9.3.4 which is stored on the company server. It is very intermittent but happens very often, that when I pull up a PDF the text is blacked out as if someone ran a highlighter over all the lines. Sometimes it is pure black, sometimes a variety of colors. There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to when it happens or what color. It might happen on page 3 of a document but not the others. Then when I change to a page that was fine before, it has the problem now.


      From searching the forum, it looks like some people have had some similar issues, but I have not seen a solid solution yet. Help! If I can't get this figured out they are going to make me get a PC for access.