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    Flash Builder 5 - Beyond basic tutorials that work - Where are they?


      Have spent hours trying to follow a single basic tutorial that shows you have to create a simple flash application that searches for pictures on flickr. Only takes the guy about ten minutes to create. Try as I might I could not get it to work and even tried to copy and paste his code and still errors come up.

      I am using a free trial of Flash Builder 5 and the example is done in the previous version.



      QUESTION: Can someone with experience tell me where a person can follow a tutorial and make the most basic of basic flash applications that will run and work using Flash Builder 5? Or is Flash Builder 5 like Windows Vista, which should be avoided and go to an earlier program like Flash Builder 4? I am completely new, and I am finding it extremely difficult to find a functioning basic example to follow for flash builder 5. It seems as if most examples are for precious versions and use different code and naming which make a person that is completely new even more lost.