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    where are the layers at?


      i'm drawling a fish for my cs5 class, and i'm using cs5 flash. anway, i've been useing the timeline then making new layers, if thats how you do it, anyway, the fish's body is in the beach layer, and the layers don't expand like they do in PS or Ill, via, red rectangle, freeform, type, ect.. how do i view those so i can pull the body out of the section and put it into another one?

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          right click on any object to select it, click cut, select another layer/frame and over the back stage or an empty part of the stage right click and click paste in place.  you can use shift-click to select/deselect more than one object.  you can also right click over a several selected objects and click distribute to layers.