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    Can't download Adobe Reader - IE8 crashes




      I am astonished that something as simple as downloading a file isn't simple.   Anyway, the problem I seem to experience is that IE8 crashes (or appears to crash) when trying to download Adobe Reader.   I had a very similar problem today with trying to download Adobe Flash.


      I don't know what to do aside from looking at other options (non-Adobe reader on the internet). 


      I have a fresh install of Windows XP Pro with SP3.  I'm using IE8. 


      I wonder if it is possible to get Adobe Reader using an ftp connection.



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          Hey there,


          I am also having this same issue and have tried everything on the Adobe site as far as a fix.  When I try to open a PDF my IE8 crashes out.  I'm not running XP though, I'm running Vista 32bit Home.


          I guess we have ruled out an OS causing the issue.  I have just been told Fire Fox used to have this same issue


          Anysuggestions out there?



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            silvermica Level 1

            This might work (a free pdf reader by Foxit):




            I downloaded Foxit's free pdf reader and had it up and running in less than 5 minutes.   By comparison I've been struggling with trying to download the Adobe Reader (and Flash player) all day today (spent the day reading forum posts).


            Now, I just need a replacement for flash.


            Just for the record, I never would have switched to something else if it were possible for me to download Flash and Adobe reader.  It is beyond me why a company as large as Adobe cannot find a simplistic way to deliver an installation file.  It's perplexing and frustrating.   But, at least I found an alternative.



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              Ankit_Jain Adobe Employee



              Can you please let me know what is the exact URL that you are using to download Adobe Reader.

              I tried doing the same on my system using IE8 and was successfully able to download it. The URL, I used was:



              Anyhow, the FTP link that you need to download Adobe Reader 9.3.4 for Windows is:



              Hope you are able to download it successfully.

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                silvermica Level 1

                Thankyou for the ftp link.  I was able to download the file using this link.  I never installed Adobe Reader on this computer since all my reader needs were met, however I have bookmarked the ftp link and will use this for future installs of Adobe Reader.


                For reference I documented my issue in the form of a video on YouTube.  This video shows the problem that I experience as a user.


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                  Ankit_Jain Adobe Employee



                  Great to know that the download worked.


                  I saw the video you posted, and was curious to know, that how did the Yellow Message Bar which appears on the top of your page dissappear all by itself. The Yellow Mesage Bar is actually askin the user for permission to install the Adobe DLM add on. Since, the bar is dissappearing all by itself, due to some security issue, IE is closing the site deeming it as a site adding malicious addons etc.


                  Can you try resetting all the setting in IE by doing the following;

                  1. Goto Tools > Internet Options

                  2. In the Advanced tab, click on the "Reset"button.


                  This should reset the add on settings that may be causing this problem.

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                    If Data Exexcution Prevention (DEP) is turned on you will need to edit the Boot.ini file to turn it off temporarily. Refer to http://support.microsoft.com/kb/875352 for instructions on doing this.  Boot.ini is a system file.  If you don't feel comfortable modifying system files, don't try it.

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                      If the computer is after 2008, then it might be about DEP(Data Execution Protection).

                      If your computer is before 2006 and have this problem, then it is not DEP issue as they do not have DEP support.


                      Tools->Internet Options->Advanced->Enable memory protection to help mitigate online attacks.

                      Turning it off might fix it(Need to restart IE8).

                      Turning it off disables DEP support for IE8, so your computer might become as vulnerable as the pre-2006 computer. Make sure you have anti-virus.


                      I think when they built for Win7, they tested with newer computers(DEP supported computer).

                      When they tested with XP, they tested with any XP machine they had(Non-DEP support).

                      Both cases worked, so they released it.


                      Then when someone put XP on newer machine(DEP supported machine such as new motherboard and CPU), the software failed because the software does not support DEP, and IE8 does not load Non-DEP software on DEP supported computer (when memory protection is enabled).