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    Precompose issue

    shooternz Level 6

      I have a simple comp from one source video that includes Time Remap and Time Reverse.  .


      Source footage is 53 seconds and I used an 8 second section of this.


      Comp work area is 6 seconds duartion .


      I want to do tracking on this so need to Precompose the Comp. with the speed changes.


      When I create a new Precomp it creates a Comp of the entire source footage (53 seconds).  No good to me at all.


      When I delete that ...it removes the original comp as well. 

      OR....when I delete the original comp ...it deletes the new one as well.


      Its liked they are linked!


      First... why does the Precomp not reflect my Original?


      Second...why are they linked ?