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    cfajax Exception thrown not caught

      I'm trying to use the new coldfusion 8 ajax features, but I receive this error in the Ajax debug window: "window:global: Exception thrown and not caught"

      The result of the ajax cfc call shows correctly in the debug window, but never makes it back to my code because of this error.

      sample code:
      function getUserName(userId) {
      var myTest = new myTestCFC();

      var thisUserName = myTest.getName(userId);

      <in body of html>
      <cfajaxproxy cfc="myTestCFC" />

      Any ideas?
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          I'm receiving the same message when binding in a cfselect tag to a cfc. Any ideas?
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            Mark Skeggs

            Same problem here.... what ever is causing this it must be server related as one of my servers is fine but another isnt when running the same code and basic configs

            Any chance of adobe jumping in here
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              Yes, I have encountered this. What I found out is that if I have content in my application.cfc page the results for cfselect will not make it back to the dropdowns even though the debug window shows that the values are there. I had my footer info in the application.cfc. Once I removed that I did not receive the exception. I found this from Ben Forta's blog toward the bottom of the page in the comments section.

              Now that I have taken that out when I go to my form the dropdowns work correctly but when I select anything from the dropdowns I can't reference them. Such as #form.cfselected_value#. So I'm going to go back to my application.cfc and start stripping items out again to see if there is something there causing the issuse. If anyone has an answer for this please let me know.