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    Forms not appearing in Response file when added and no preview


      One of my users has a form created with Adobe LiveCycle ES 8.2 and has been using it happily for the last 12 months up until about a month ago. The problem is when she receives the responses via email and double clicks on the attached PDF, it says it has been added to the response file and the total responses count goes up by one but you cannot see the response in the list.


      She also says that other times the total count goes down when a response is added and again you cannot see the reponse in the list. A further problem is that when you Dbl-click a response in the list, you don't get a preview of the form you just get a blank window. I at first thought this may be a corruption but we did a restore of the file from a month before this started happening and we get the same result with that file.


      I tried opening this file on another PC which had Acrobat 9.0 Pro but I get the same result. There are no filters applied and I have played with every view setting I could find to no avail. Any help/ideas would be greatly appreciated.