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    Zend AMF

    RandomReado Level 1

      I've put my Zend folder into my web root.


      From Flex, I'm calling amf.php:



      include '_services/Test/Main.php';

      include 'Zend/Amf/Server.php';


      $server = new Zend_Amf_Server();


      $server->setClass('Test_Main', 'test');

      $response = $server->handle();

      echo $response;



      My _services/Test/Main.php has a class called "Test_Main" and a public method "init()" which simply returns "this is a test".


      I've used the services-config.xml file provided by Zend and modified the URI only to point to my amf.php file.


      In Flex:


          <s:RemoteObject id="myAmf"
              destination="zend" />


      protected function creationCompleteHandler(event:FlexEvent):void
          var message:String    =    myAmf.Test_Main.init();


      When I run the application, the call is being made to the amf.php file according to Apache with a response code of 200. However in Flex it says:


      "ReferenceError: Error #1069: Property init not found on mx.rpc.remoting.mxml.Operation and there is no default value."


      Can anyone tell me why this is happening? There is a similar post on the Zend forums posted in Feb 2009 but it's had loads of views and no replies!


      Thanks in advance.