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    Removing / Deleting "childs" in SQLite with cfair.swc




      I have a problem with cfair.swc


      I manage to get the cfair-ORM to work the way I want exept on Remove/Delete.


      My object MaterialDTO has multiple MaterialScreenDTO's (childrens), by adding one MaterialScreenDTO to the list and saving the MaterialDTO-object the cfair-ORM will save one new row to the MaterialScreenDTO-table in the SQLite-database, it also works to update one MaterialScreenDTO(child) and saving the MaterialDTO(parent). But when I remove one item in the MaterialScreenDTO-list (childrens) and updateing the MaterialDTO(parent) it fails to remove the row in the SQLite-database.


      When I test to remove the MaterialDTO(parent) it will also remove the MaterialScreenDTOs-list(childrens).


      Is there anyway to removing the childrens without creating a new list of items, compairing the items and then remove the childrens that differs one by one.